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Karlu Karlu, Northern Territory, Australia


The Devils Marbles are an iconic landmark in the Australian outback and place of great cultural and spiritual significance to the traditional Aboriginal owners of the land. Karl Karlu (round boulders) is the local Aboriginal term for both the rock features and the surrounding area. The granite boulders - some standing up to 6m high - have formed over millions of years, and they continue to crack and change.


Once the sun had set, I could feel the intensity of the heat radiating off these incredible boulders... they’d been basking in the hot sun all day and it was like standing next to an open oven. Capturing them in silhouette allowed me to highlight their unique weathered shapes and surround them in a glow, like their warmth that struck me that afternoon.


  • Open Edition

    Open Edition prints are not limited to a specific print number. They are still printed on the same Centurion Bright White Metallic Premium Paper as the Limited Edition Prints.

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